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About Me


I never pictured myself as a mom.  Now I am.  And trying my best to navigate all the aspects of being a mom, while still juggling family, friends, work, health and….oh yeah….happiness.  I call myself “motivationally” challenged because i have a hard time following through.  When things get hard I tend to shut down and freeze.  I admire a lot of other bloggers and authors for being so high energy and hyper motivated, but I can’t identify with that.  I am not a workaholic, I have a hard time focusing on work and don’t even get me started on my health and fitness journey.  But one thing I absolutely love to do is RESEARCH.  Research is my part-time job when it comes to most aspects of my life.  I hope that I can pass on some great findings to you all, whether you want to know natural child birthing techniques, hormone balancing essential oil blends, DIY baby food or what weight loss tips that did or didn’t work for me.