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5 Daily Hacks to Improve Self-Esteem

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Is there anyone out there who has had great self-esteem throughout their whole life?????

Bueller……? Yeah, I didn’t think so. We all need some help getting out of a rut now and then. Or if you are like me, the constant negative self talk can be paralyzing. What if there were just 5 daily hacks to improve self-esteem that you could start doing today? Would you? I hope you do because it can be a life changer.

Journaling #1 of 5 daily hacks to improve self-esteem

1. Journaling

Write a sentence, paragraph or go all out novel style! It doesn’t matter just get put your expression down on paper. No one can take that away from you, you are a creator and thinker. You have the power to change your thought patterns through paper. Journal how you feel about yourself and if negativity creeps in take a breath, read what you wrote and try writing the exact opposite down. I try to journal when I wake up, but that doesn’t happen a lot of the time cause my 1 1/2 year old usually is my alarm clock. So I try and do it anytime throughout the day. And negative thoughts are still prevalent for me some days. If I write down “feeling lazy, overweight, unmotivated, lost, no purpose, etc.” That can be pretty toxic if I let those thoughts stay in there brewing. Then switch it up saying “no more….I am bold, brave, seeking truth and honesty, being resilient and loving…” I have totally changed perception and built a new foundation to attack the day. If you are riddled with fear or anxiety write some of those thoughts and feelings down and then write down how the opposite of that would feel. If you feel depressed or overwhelmed try writing as if you were your future self. Everything you wish to be or achieve write it down as if you have already done it. You create your narrative and can easily bring it into reality when you believe it. Think about how many people memorize or learn by writing things down. When you write you have the ability to re-wire your thinking and your self-esteem.

2. Update your Contract with yourself

This one is less tangible. No writing necessary unless you want to. We all have a belief system we agree to and live by. Somewhere, someone, something, or somehow not “being enough” entered into our belief of ourselves. Denounce it right now. Challenge yourself to question any negative thought and believe it untrue. This is a conversation you need to have with yourself and take seriously. It’s time for an upgrade and for you to believe you are ENOUGH.

3. Forgive

Did you do something embarrassing the other day like wear your shirt inside out? Or did you cheat on your diet? Or maybe you told little white lie to your friend because you didn’t want to go to that party? Even if you did something horrendous to someone you love years ago or more recently……forgive yourself. Whatever moment that comes to mind right now, forgive yourself for it because you know you are doing your best and will continue to try and do your best. And that is all anyone can do. So now, think about someone else who has hurt you. Maybe they hurt you often and it’s been chipping away at you. Or maybe you were the butt of a joke and it really rubbed you the wrong way. No matter, just forgive it. When you forgive yourself, it makes it easier to forgive others. The pattern of forgiveness will help you overcome more than you think and allow more love to flow into your life. More love in your life will allow you to love yourself to the fullest.

4. Comment and Engage

It’s unrealistic to unplug from social media and even with reducing the amount of screen and scroll time I find it doesn’t really help with anxiety and self-esteem. So if you are going to scroll and look into the lives of others – go ahead and do it but engage too. The lack of connection and loneliness can fuel negative self esteem. When we feel connected to others and part of a community it will lift us up and we are better for it. So go for it and comment on that cool bloggers outfit, like that picture of your old roommates baby. Ask for advise from your favorite Instagram fitness guru. You might be surprised at the connections you make and how much your engagement means to someone else. Your opinion is really valuable to others and people want to know it.

5. Listen to Something Uplifting

Meditation seems to be the answer for everything today. I am all about it, but its hard to find uninterrupted time. “They” say to do it first thing in the morning, but for many of us our morning start with tending to the needs of others. So there is no right or wrong way here. Just carve out some time in your day. There are great apps for it like headspace and so many others. I also like listening to crystal singing bowls which has can help many get into a meditative state more quickly or easily if you have a hard time quieting your mind. If this meditation things just isn’t you, then pick a theme song of the week that really gets you going and happy. You get a few minutes to get lost in the song and allow the beat to lift you up and carry positive vibes throughout your day. And if meditation and music just isn’t for you…..podcast. I love a good podcast about almost anything….business, finance, spiritual, motivational, comedic….some of my faves:

The Balanced Blonde


Armchair Expert

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