Biofeedback for stress relief
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Biofeedback For Stress Relief! And so much more…

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What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a non-invasive treatment that helps a person directly see how the body interprets and reacts to stress.  Physical, emotional, environmental stress affects the entire body through muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure, hormonal, body temperature, perspiration, and brain wave activity.  This can be measured through biofeedback treatment equipment and fed back to a computer and displayed on a screen for moment-to-moment viewing of the inner workings of the body.   As a therapeutic tool, biofeedback can clear conscious and unconscious blockages, which may be preventing one from achieving optimal health or personal life goals.  It serves to re-calibrate the mind and body by releasing negative patterns.

How can it help reduce stress?

The therapist I sought out uses the L.I.F.E. System, which is an advanced electro-physiological Biofeedback device designed to aide in the reduction of stress and the promotion of muscle relaxation.  Biofeedback, in general, reduces anxiety, depression, moodiness, anger, and impulsivity, while improving sleep and mental clarity, as well as addressing numerous other specific physical and emotional issues. 

biofeedback for stress relief

How Does it Work Exactly?

The therapist monitors the pulses and how your body responds using specific biofeedback software, and makes adjustments during the session to address specific issues that arise through the process.  Additionally, you can bring in a list of things you want to address, too.  If you are looking for a mind-body approach to facilitate changes to thoughts, emotions, behavior or physical ailments, put biofeedback on your list!  I am a firm believer in biofeedback for stress relief.

My Experience!

I was doing one session per week for about a couple months. I experience a drastic improvement in my sleep immediately after the first session. With a 1 year old baby still not the best sleeper but still sleeping 8-10 hour stretches you would think i was getting better sleep than when she was a newborn, but no. I was still waking up all the time and very anxious still. I would still lie awake thinking the baby was bound to get up. Biofeedback helped release my anxiety and clear blocked energy which i believe allowed me to sleep much better! I was also experiencing depression and mood swings more often along with a very heavy period. After a month of sessions my periods become more bearable and my mood more stable. If I just so happened to have a kink in my neck from sleeping wrong or pulling it at the gym, Biofeedback helped with relaxing the muscles and supporting muscle and tissue repair. On my initial testing coffee came up as a food sensitivity, not full blown allergy. But I decided to try cutting it out and my sleep improved even more after a couple weeks with no coffee! I know, I had to be crazy to cut out the coffee. Well i was just so tired of being tired and living in my own skin, I was game to try anything. And I feel much better not having that cup or two a day. And I found this amazing alternative called Rasa, which feels like I am drinking coffee but getting great adaptogens and supporting my adrenals and nervous system in the long run! Coffee does the opposite I learned.

I went into Biofeedback with an open mind and not sure what to expect or what I would gain, but I had a very positive experience. I think I will go back periodically when I am feeling off or my back is hurting and I want additional support. I would definitely recommend biofeedback for stress relief and all the other symptoms it can also address:

A regular meditation practice is also really helpful for relieving stress and sound can help you get into a calm state more quickly if you have trouble with meditating. Check out my post and sound bath sample for a free meditation tool!

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