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Top 5 Baby Bottles

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Maybe you are going back to work or just need the freedom the bottle brings once and while. Regardless of why, some babies are very picky about their transition to the bottle. These are the bottles recommended by pediatricians and the tried and true testing for fellow moms and babes. We struggled with the transition and I was scared Blaire would never take a bottle, but consistency and persistence paid off.

Where to start?

Pick a bottle/nipple that is similar to your own anatomy. Looking back now, I see that my baby latched onto the bottles that had nipples more similar to my own. Her latch was shallow and we struggled. She would gag on pacifiers and bottles with longer nipples. We tried so many bottles and in the end I chose two and stuck with those until she finally got used to them.

1. Comotomo

These bottles are by far the favorite. Slow flow nipple options that come with the 5oz bottles. or Faster option comes with the 8oz size. The nipples aren’t so long and the silicone bottle is super soft for baby. Easy to clean to. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t had success with this bottle

2. Minbie

Minbie is on the expensive side but has a great product. They offer great online support through their website and facebook. It can be really stressful when your baby refuses the bottle, so it’s nice to have a support system from experts like this. The newborn bundle is ideal for parents of newborns who find the need to introduce a bottle but who don’t want their newborn getting lazy-feeding/nipple-confusion, reflux & colic.

3. Nuk Simply Natural

Natural seems to always translate to better, smoother and happier transition to bottle. The nipples are a little bit different shape that might mimic the look and feel of your own better than others.

4. Advent Natural

Most bottle brands that have been on the market for a long time, like Advent, have different types of bottles. Advent also has a natural line that worked a whole lot better for us than their original standard bottle/nipple. The advent natural and comotomo were the bottles that ended up being the most successful for us.

5. Dr. Brown

Blaire would always choke and gag on the bottle even around 3 months. We were worried they all had too fast of a flow. So we tried Dr. Brown’s version of a premie bottle/nipple. This was also a great option for a delicate eater but once we got the bottle down she graduated from this bottle pretty quickly.

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