Best Skincare Products of 2019

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Winter is really tough on my skin. Hormones are really tough on my skin too. In my quest to get my skin from dull to glow, here are the best skincare products of 2019. In the spirit of focusing on health, I try to use products that are organic, or even vegan, with clean ingredients. Eating clean plays a huge role in good skin, so I want to make sure I am putting clean products ON my skin as well.

  1. Babor Ampoule Concentrates – These vials of nutrients for your skin are my newest obsession recommended to me by my favorite esthetician, Aila, in Pleasanton, CA. You can use half the vial at night and the other half in the morning. Leaves skin looking moisturized and vitalized.
  2. MD Solar Sciences – SPF tinted moisturizer – This is the silkiest smooth tinted moisturizer I have ever used. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and flawless, not greasy or streaky at all.
  3. Farmhouse Fresh Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer – This is truly a wonder milk that makes both a daily and long-term difference. Three botanical milks help calm skin; coconut milk, with its high fat content is moisturizing and soothing, milk thistle containes silymarin, a powerhouse antioxidant that helps with skin itching, papules, and redness, and milk vetch, a plant extract with antibacterial properties.
  4. Babor HY-Oil Cleanser – My new favorite cleanser (since making my own oil blends for skin cleansing I haven’t found many that i love) . I use it with the Phytoactive Reactivating. I first rub the Hy Oil on my skin to dissolve all make up and dirt from the day and then rub the second cleansing layer of phytoactive reactivating to round out the cleansing to restore radiance and glow.
  5. Farmhouse Fresh Pudding Apeel – I love this dual use product so much! You can use it as one of your regular masks or use for a sleeping mask overnight. My esthetician recommended this product and i love it so much. If i use it as a night mask I don’t use an exfoliator because this will do the job overnight. made especially to tingle away skin imperfections with its superpower ingredient, glycolic acid. This peel mask also features natural ingredients, like tapioca, coconut milk, green tea and honey that naturally cleanse while soothing and supporting natural repair processes.
  6. Fresh Black Tea Eye Concentrate – Fresh has great clean and healthy products that deliver results. If my esthetician is out of her goto products like Babor and Jean D’Acel, Fresh is the next best thing. Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and eyelid folds. Visibly improves dark under-eye circles. Moisturizes and firms the skin around the eyes. Leaves the delicate skin around the eye looking less tired and brighter for a noticeably younger appearance.
  7. Babor Enzyme Cleanser – My skin feels so clean and clear with this cleanser. Great if I am feeling extra oily. A unique, fine-grained water activated cleansing and exfoliating powder with Vitamin C and Enzymes. When water is added the powder becomes a gentle exfoliating foam that leaves skin feeling soft, refreshed and renewed
  8. Farmhouse Fresh Agave Body Oil – It’s a great after shower/bath body oil, Made with a special blend of extracts tested and proven to reduce the rate of your skin’s water loss – one of the culprits in signs of aging. Agave Nectar Body Oil is a favorite of celebrity makeup artists, including Rob Scheppy and TV’s Biggest LoserPersonal Fitness Trainer Jillian Michaels!
  9. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask – One of my first loves – this mask is great to put on before a night out when you want flawless, smooth skin. Make up goes on so perfect and seems to stay put and not lose luster throughout the night!
  10. Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Pumpkin Mask – This nutrient mud mask with organic pumpkin smells so good you might want to eat it! If you have red, sensitive, blotchy, oily skin- you’ve met your mask. splendid dirt face mask is a natural, nutrient-rich pot of Illite and Bentonite clays, fresh enzyme-full pumpkin puree, and active yogurt cultures that instantly boosts overall radiance by deep cleansing pores, temporarily shrinking their look, and improving the look of broken capillaries and uneven skin tones. 

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