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5 Must Have Essentials During Pregnancy And After

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Many of us end up buying so many clothes and items during pregnancy that we only use when we are pregnant.  And then we buy more items post pregnancy, just to be discarded or stored away soon after.  I like to simplify and love products I can use and wear beyond these life events.  These are the 5 top essentials during pregnancy and after.

1.  Best Bra

Hands down THIRDLOVE is the best bra I have ever owned.  I know it may seem daunting to purchase a bra based on an online questionnaire you fill out and not in a dressing room.  But try it, you can always return it.  They make it super easy and convenient.  The fabrics they use are amazing and the fit is perfect.  You can choose the option for a nursing bra which you will still want to wear after your nursing days are done.

2.  Best Legging

It’s a tie between Blanqi leggings and Lululemon Align pant.  Blanqi has these over the bump leggings that fit snug around your pregnant belly providing just enough support and stretch down post pregnancy as well.  They also have post partum leggings with more compression that are great too.  Lululemon’s align pant is one of my favorite pregnant or not.  The material is so smooth and soft.  With the high waist you feel totally covered.  These were a must during and post pregnancy.

3.  Best Shoes

My baby just turned 1 and I still can’t wear heels.  My feet are destroyed, so a comfy sneaker that has a touch of class and cuteness is a must.  Steve Madden has a great dressed up sneakers that can work with almost any outfit.  Vince Camuto is another great option for high styled sneakers, just a bit more expensive.

4.  Best Skincare 

 I love products that can be used multiple ways.  My esthetician recommended this glycolic mask/peel that I could also use as an overnight mask, moisturizer and exfoliator in one.  I love these organic products from Farmhouse Fresh, she even has vegan products available as well.  You can find their products at Dermstore or a wider array of product at Farmhouse fresh.  Plus the products are reasonably priced.  You also can’t go wrong with Sephora – Fresh products are also a safe go to when looking for something healthy to put on your skin during and post pregnancy.

5.  Essential Oil

Clary Sage essential oil is the holy grail of all oils to me.  It is great at aiding inducing labor when you are at the point of needing to get that baby out, postpartum for helping stimulate your uterus to contract down and get that tummy back to normal and is a great to diffuse or wear to help ease hormones spikes and stabilize mood.  Plant Therapy is a great brand available on Amazon at a good price.  There are so many great oils, i’ll do another post soon on more essentials during pregnancy and after.

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