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How to Combat Postpartum Depression

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How am I supposed to feel before and after pregnancy?

I honestly didn’t know I needed help to combat postpartum depression. I expected to feel increasingly hormonal during pregnancy and after.  Perhaps my expectations were of the extreme.  I consider myself a highly emotional person, so i was worried about my mental stability to say the least. But I didn’t feel huge swings of varying emotions.  Looking back over the last year it seems like it has been a slow creeping depression.  We often aren’t fully aware of postpartum depression.

What can I do to avoid postpartum depression?

I wanted to try anything that could potentially help me combat postpartum depression.   researched benefits of natural childbirth, drugs or no drugs, breathing techniques, meditation, prenatal yoga, encapsulating placenta, etc.  Would shatavari root capsules and an array of vitamins everyday help?  There is no magic formula it turns out.  Here are some avenues i am looking into to help me breakthrough this rut:

Therapy – talking with a professional is definitely a good option.  However, it is hard to dedicate the time/travel to speak with someone.  I am starting sessions using an online service Better Help and hoping I can connect with the right therapist to help dig deeper into my issues.  I want to focus on self-esteem improvement and combating postpartum depression.

Exercise – yoga, interval training, barre and spin are what i have been doing.  I find if i go 2 days without it i start to get really irritable.  But finding the motivation to go can be so challenging.

Drinking water – So basic, yet i have realized my water consumption has become more of a challenge, i don’t prioritize it like i did when i was pregnant or nursing more.  Dehydration is linked to our serotonin levels and when these levels decrease, depression can creep in.

Meditation and breathing – I am not great at doing this but learning the importance of breathing has gotten me through a lot and i know it is even more important to clear our minds of chatter and negativity.  I am my own worst enemy, critic, voice, etc.  I need to harness something that can help.  I found this app called headspace that has made daily meditation more attainable.  Guided meditation and breathing exercises really help with my depression/anxiety and allows me to be more open to positive thinking instead of my negative thoughts.

Alternative Healing – I live in the East Bay Area in CA and am lucky to have many alternative resources available.  I am not very knowledgeable in regards to the mystic or healing world but I am open to anything that can help.  There is a healing center where I have started Reiki therapy sessions.  Stay tuned for more posts on how Reiki therapy goes.


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