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Top 5 Organic Baby Food

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Quick, Cheap and good quality.  We can’t always have all 3 when it comes to food, especially baby food.  The most economical and best quality option is to make your own, but we don’t all have the time.  There are so many options out there for pre-made organic baby food, but not all are created equal.  Here’s list of my top 5 organic baby foods that are leading the charge for great quality options as we head into 2019:

  1.  Once Upon a Farm   This baby food cold presses their fruits and veggies which helps maintain their essential vitamins and minerals.  The various flavors and textures are great.  If you have a picky eater like I do, then this is a great quality option to consider.  You can find these pouches on Amazon, but i have also found them in the refrigerated section at Target, Whole Foods, and Safeway.  Plus, who doesn’t like Jennifer Garner and the fact she is getting involved with this company and trying to make healthy food more accessible to all children.
  2.   Peter Rabbit Organics   Simple and organic fruits and vegetable purees that are not diluted with water like some other foods out there.  Great varieties like apple, pea and spinach that are more veggie focused.  It is a great way for me to get Blaire to eat veggies on the go.  Starbucks will often have the pouches in their food case too if you are in a bind for a snack!
  3.   Yumi Organic This is a weekly subscription service that delivers the baby food right to your doorstep.  Although, this may be out of the budget for many – it does pack in a lot of super foods and nutrients a lot of other brands don’t.  The jars are super cute, plastic not glass – unfortunately.  My daughter is huge into texture, so this wasn’t the food for us because of the gritty/chunky consistency.  But if you think your baby may like spirulina this is the food for you!
  4.   Plum Organics  Love their just fruits or just veggie options.  My go to here is the prune pouch for when i don’t have prunes on hand to blend up to help with Blaire’s constipation.  Nothing worse than that.  The flavors are pretty purist.   Although, the only ingredients in the prune pouch is water and organic prune paste – not prune puree which would be considered better.  However, they don’t use ascorbic acid as a preservative which many other brands use.  Many babies have issues with corn, so that is why many cannot eat items ascorbic acid.
  5.   Beach-nut Organic  Whole food, organic ingredients and roasting techniques used to bring out the natural flavors.  Apple, black bean and raspberry is a great flavor combo to try!


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