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Persimmon Quinoa Yogurt Recipe

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Persimmon Quinoa Yogurt Recipe

My baby girl is getting older, almost 11 months old now. She is still the pickiest, most finicky eater. I need her food to pack a nutrient dense punch! So I wanted to use fresh, in season, and local ingredients. Plus my aunt dropped of 5 lbs of persimmons! Well turn out those raw orange beauties blend up nicely and just add quinoa and yogurt! Pretty tasty baby food!  Plus add cereal like nurtureme quinoa cereal to thicken it up and get some more protein in there.


  • 2 cups raw peeled and cored persimmons
  • 2 cups GREEK yogurt - I prefer using a higher fat option like fage 5%
  • 1/4 cup nurture organic quinoa cereal


  • for smaller portion reduce the recipe by 1/2.  If your baby is younger and not eating as much, maybe 1oz of food the Baby Bullet is super easy and convenient to use to avoid to much food to store or waste.  If you have a big eater on your hands then blend up a big batch in a blender like Vitamix.


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